HTTP web server with PHP support.

Server should be configured with index.php as one of default documents.

MySQL database server.

FTP access to the server.


Installation Instructions

1. Download and unpack the archive.

2. Upload the directories and files to your server by FTP.

3. Make the following folders and files writable: temp, temp/cache, temp/templates_c.

4. Create an empty database, using CPanel or PHPMyAdmin.

5. To start the install process, point your browser to "install/index.php". Example:

6. At this step you will need to enter database information such as host, database name, database username, database password.

7. Enter Website URL without trailing slash at the end. Example:

8. Enter admin login.

9. If the installation is successful, delete install folder from your web server.

10. Login with the username and password you specified during the installation process.

11. If you would like to get a free installation of your copy, send your ftp details and database information to support.